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Pearlstone Conference & Retreat Center

“Get-away” without going far away – and feel like you’re a world away!

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OU gourmet fare, Scholars in Residence, working sustainable farm, nature hikes, multi-generational programming and social activities, Day Camp for kids, exciting Chol HaMoed day trips, and many other unique amenities await you…..

“Get-away” without going far away – and feel like you’re a world away!

Over the past decade and more, Pearlstone has developed a uniquely enjoyable ten-day, nine-night Passover vacation experience. Now in our 15th year, Pesach at Pearlstone provides a beautiful, Torah observant communal atmosphere, engaging participants of all ages and perspectives with comfort, care, and entertainment. Whether you’ve come for a past retreat, joined or considered us for a prior Pesach, or are looking for someplace new and unique, this coming holiday program is going to be like none other!


Pearlstone is a year-round kosher retreat center featuring a wonderful Jewish educational farm with a plethora of learning opportunities. Our picturesque working sustainable farm featuring vegetables, fruit trees, herbs, goats, chickens, ducks, and other unique amenities sits on 180 acres of serene grounds. Pearlstone’s expansive campus satisfies energetic guests with a ropes course, zip line, and sports of all kinds – baseball, volleyball, basketball, soccer, ultimate frisbee, disc golf, and more. Along with yoga and a variety of trail walks, many of these activities fill our robust schedule on a daily basis. Full- and half-day Chol HaMoed trips, on- and off-site activities, as well as hands-on lessons led by Pearlstone’s own professional Programming Team will appeal to kids, teens, adults only, families, and multi-generational groups. Engaging targeted social activities for adults and kids of all ages include an inviting selection of lectures, painting and other arts & crafts, game tournaments, movies, and magic. 

The Pesach 2019 Schedule will be posted in January. Our schedule from last year is posted on our website to give you a flavor for the amazing programming options that we offer. Upon arrival, guests can check into their rooms then enjoy a tour of our farm and pasture. Kids are introduced to each other and our group leaders through creation of fun arts & crafts projects that they can bring to their Seder tables followed by a “Mock Seder.”


The only goat at our Seders is mentioned in “Chad Gadya.” Both private and communal Seder options are available, setting just the right tone for you and your family to have a personal, memorable, traditional experience. Individuals and small families can choose to be a part of our smoothly paced communal Seder or to have a private Seder in the Dining Room. Tables are set apart enough for sufficient privacy and personal enjoyment. Larger groups may opt for private Seders in separate meeting rooms. All guests enjoy a gourmet dinner in the Dining Room then return to their Seder tables to finish up. We provide everything you will need for your Seder, but feel free to bring special books or kids’ projects to enhance your family’s holiday experience.


We are excited to welcome back our brilliant Scholars in Residence, Rabbi Ysoscher Katz and Dr. Sharon Flatto, Rabbi Aaron Frank and Laura Shaw Frank, and our Chazzan Cantor Yehoshua Redfern. We are also proud to feature Pearlstone’s year-round Executive Chef, Sallie D’Alonzo, who drives the plentiful and delicious gastronomic experience, over which the honorable Rav Hamachshir from the OU controls with strict kashrus supervision. Managing it all is the one and only Laura Leventhal, our outstanding Pesach Program Coordinator, leading our staff with her thorough, passionate expertise. Together, all our staff at Pearlstone strives to meet every guest’s desire throughout their Pesach stay.


The pride of our dining experience is our Farm-To-Table menus which incorporate fresh vegetables, herbs and flowers from our own farm. Don’t let the relaxed, natural atmosphere fool you into thinking our Pesach meals are simplistic. Under the strict kashrus supervision of the Orthodox Union (OU), Pearlstone’s innovative Executive Chef and spectacular culinary staff have reinvented Pesach recipes to showcase new foods and flavors with breath-taking style. Our impeccable dining staff set out bountiful and healthy gourmet buffets to delight every palate. 

Each meal, whether milchig or fleishig, offers a fish or other parve entrée as well as a plethora of garden and dressed salads. Meeting your unique dietary needs is our specialty. Should anyone require vegetarian/vegan options, allergen-free alternatives or child-friendly selections for your family, we will work together to make sure you are all well-nourished and satisfied.

As the center of communal activity, our beautifully appointed Main Building is always buzzing. Between meals, the Tea Room displays a variety of healthy, delectable items, and beverages are available continuously throughout the day.


Pearlstone offers three options for lodging accommodations:  
·         Our overly spacious hotel-style Orchard View Guest Rooms include 2 Queen beds and an en suite. 
·         We also have 3-bedroom cabins and our Garden View Lodge dormitory suites which offer comfortable rooming, perfect for extended families to enjoy private space. The cabins and Garden View Lodge pricing is approximately 10% lower than the Orchard View Guest Rooms. 
·         Click on the following links for more details, pictures and pricing.


The Pearlstone Center’s largest meeting room is transformed into the Pesach Shul, complete with traditional  mechitzahbima and aron kodesh, and stocked with siddurim and chumashim for your convenience. This large space (two stories tall!) is beautified by a 360-degree complete-room Torah-inspired mural, setting the tone for a visually and acoustically vibrant davening experience. Rabbi Aaron Frank’s spirited davening complemented by Cantor Yehoshua Redfern’s powerful and uplifting voice guides our services. Pearlstone Center’s Library also provides gemoras and other seforim for whenever you may want to take in some Torah learning as well.


Pearlstone’s mission is to ignite Jewish passion while connecting guests with the land and Jewish values; our peaceful retreat center, sustainable farm, and dynamic programming enable and inspire vibrant Jewish life. The Pesach at Pearlstone program exemplifies this mission. We look forward with great excitement to creating an amazing Pesach experience for you and your family!

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